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Featured Episode

Whole Hearting the Mind

Week 7 Ι Episode 1 Ι 6 mins

Week 1

Pushes and Pulls

Does God Own Your Dreams and Desires?

Being a Martyr in Christ

No Reputation #1

No Reputation #2

Embrace Failure

My Trip to Chicago, Walk in the Spirit

Week 2

Walking in the Spirit

Intimacy with God

Bible - Father, Son, Holy Spirit

Body of Christ Vision

God is My Protector and Provider

Co-Dependency vs. God-Dependency

Fulfill God's Dream by Giving God Ownership

Week 3

Discipline vs. Self-Control

Steps Toward Faith: Money Does Not Lead, it Follows

God Does Not Perform for Love

Bride and Warrior

Releasing the Kingdom

Flesh vs. Spirit - Protectors

Our Own Revelation, Walk in the Spirit

Right Brain, Left Brain

Week 4

Don't Try Harder, Walk in the Spirit

People in Our Life that Bring Trauma or Weight

Money and Dimensions

Whole Hearting Yourself Circles

Discipline vs Self Control #2

Whole Heart Yourself #2

Know the Revelation of What You Were Created For

Week 5

God has Revelation in You to Change the World in Him

Walk in the Spirit so You Don't Take the Identity of the Flesh

The Heart Draws Circumstances

Whole Hearting the Brain

How to Learn the Language of God

Taking the Kingdom by Force

Everything is Between Me and God

Week 6

Come Out of the Box

Order and Disorder

We Can't Fix the Heart with the Mind


Fitness & Crushing the Flesh

Living the One Whole Heart Lifestyle

Whole Hearting Yourself

Whole Hearting Your Mind & Body

Week 7

Whole Hearting The Mind

When I'm Done With Sessions, What's Next?

The Structure Tool

How Do We Get To The Next Place With The Lord?

Money And The Unraveling Process Part 1

Money and the Unraveling Process Part 2 -The Promised Land and Greenwood Building