Council Bluffs, Omaha & Lincoln

Outreach & Evangelism

Council Bluffs

What Do We Do: Pass out food, pray for healing and prophetically, and share the gospel as the Lord opens doors of people’s hearts.


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Mission 24/7

Council Bluffs

The Lord has put Council Bluffs, IA, on our hearts and placed part of our ministry in the FCC Building across from Bayliss Park. As we have prayed into this city over the years the Lord has sent us out into the community at different times to pray, minister, find houses of peace, etc. Now, in this time and season, we feel like the Lord is asking us to go release His goodness into the community. Our goal is to have teams of people going out 24/7 to release the goodness of the Lord as He leads. If you are interested in stepping into this, please sign up below for a time slot. Blessings!

24/7 Scheduled Events

If you desire to lead a mission of the goodness of God in partnership with us, please share your vision by clicking the link below.

Needs for Mission 24/7

Urgent Need: Food

To hand out to those in need