About Krstina Bethke

OWH Leadership

My Story

Kristina has a heart for worship, children, establishing Spirit-led schools/training grounds, and the nations. She leads worship for much of OWHM, teaches and mentors within the Valor Community, and ministers in OWH Inner Healing.

Kristina flows in the prophetic and is passionate about speaking identity and truth into others. She naturally and intentionally trains others to do the same.

Kristina is a full-time missionary. She has ministered and lived in Nicaragua, the Philippines, various African nations, and most recently, the USA. Kristina is now a part of the Greenwood Community, and is a resident at OWHM Greenwood Building.

We look to Kristina to have major impact through Christ in the upcoming revival.


It’s not in my background to be able to do these things, but it is in my destiny.